Sweden Democrats Leader Addicted To Gambling

online-gambling_laptopOnline gambling is growing in popularity and convenience, and getting access to games played on tables and mobiles has never been simpler. The spectrum of players who revel in the many thrilling escapades of online gambling has widened considerably. Overall the anonymity such websites and portals brings along is an added lure and advantage to high profile gamblers.

Democratic campaign?

Sweden democrat leaderHowever at times a few do slip through the cracks as covert interests in online gambling of Swedish Democrat party leader Jimmie Aakesson recently discovered. The sharp, suave and stylish young party leader has held a pristine public image so far.

With pro-Sweden policies on the front, and a look to curb immigration laws, Aakesson has been part of the Swedish the political strata for over a decade. Currently proclaiming a zero tolerance policy on racism, he has worked on cleaning parliament of members who lean toward any unwanted racial comments or actions.

Having made several public appearances supporting minority communities in Sweden, he has also participated in public advertisement campaign that shuts of anti-racism slogans daring the public to defy racism.

Swedish debonair gambler

Marking a chink in Aakesson’s sturdy armour though is recent announcement by Swedish public radio station that declared the politicians involvement with online gambling. Seen as a possible addiction, the Swedish Democrat was declared to have gambled more than 500,000 kronor ($70,000) this year alone on online gaming websites, an amount far larger than total annual earnings of the politician.

Actions of the Democrat head were disclosed as a habit ‘out of control’ in the opinion of local expert gambling counsellor. This shared opinion from a point of public interest on the radio station, came as a second battery wave over the politician. A recent publicly leaked clip, of the democrat shooting a film for the party while making racial slurs and inappropriate comments on passers-by has brought the anti-racist politician under public scrutiny.

When questioned about his gambling habit, the Democrat claimed that the best made were done with earnings from previous winnings and that he only dabbled in online gambling for fun.