Ritz Casino Sued for 2 Million by Oman Politician’s Wife

Nora Al-Daher, the wife of a prominent Omani politician, is suing The Ritz casino after reportedly losing 2 million pound on their cards table. Mrs. Al-Daher lives in Muscat for most of the year blew this money at The Ritz on her recent vacation in April 2012. Despite admitting to spending and losing the money, Nora is claiming that the casino’s staff took advantage of her very public gambling addiction. This is the basis for her trying to recoup most of the money through a lawsuit.


In her testimony for the initial case filing, Nora Al-Daher has mentioned that during this incident there were many casino employees standing behind her for most of her visit there. She claims that those employees were egging her on and encouraging her to spend more money. This is despite all of those employees knowing exactly who she was, what her past had been like, and the fact that she suffered from an addiction to gambling. She continued to gamble for hours and hours despite losing at most of her hands, and this even prompted the casino to extend their cheque cashing facilities so that she could spend more money.

Nora Al-Daher had this to say: “I needed someone to tell me to stop that night. I needed someone to bring me to my senses. If I had been told to stop and think about what I was doing, it is very possible that I would not have gambled away most of that money. No one ever told me to stop that day.”


When she first entered The Ritz, she said that she did not want to play and was merely there to watch and have a few drinks. However, conversations with staff ultimately led to her start betting within a half hour, after which things got out of control. Her lawyer said that as soon as she came to the casino, she made it clear that she was a gambling addict and that she did not want to play punto banco. However, staff at the casino had no remorse in ensuring that she spent as much money as possible. In fact, they even encouraged her to take out more money when she had lost between a million to 1.5 million pounds.

It is difficult to see how this judgment will go. On the one hand, she is a grown woman who should be responsible for her actions. She was not severely inebriated. On the flip side, casinos are always told to take care of gambling addicts and to discourage them from further gambling.

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