Legends Live On

Blackjack_boardVegas is known for presenting the world with live entertainment that is truly unique in the world. People flock from all over the globe to see exactly what this beloved city has to offer. The Joint, a red hot music club inside the walls of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, is bringing yet another innovative act to the stage for people to enjoy. The Scintas are a group who first made their name in Vegas, combining musical numbers with side-splitting comedy in unique and intriguing ways. They play original music in addition to paying tribute to some of the musical legends who also first made the their name along the Strip.

Home Among the Greats

Listeners will enjoy engaging melodies that weave in and out of comedy skits for a mere $25 per person. The Scintas have perfected their art form, performing in Vegas and many other locations for many decades. Their shows in the Vegas area are always sure to sell out, making it necessary to get your tickets for the entertainment in advance. The Scintas are a tight knit group, being composed of nearly all family members. The line up includes three brothers and one sister: Peter “The Irish Scinta” O’Donnell, Joe, Frank, and Valentine. They typically have another sister engaging audiences on stage as well, however, Chrissi is currently on leave.


From Dive to Divas

The act includes a wide variety of elements that include humorous insults among siblings, instruments of all kinds, and impressions. The tributes that the ensemble has put together honor some of the greatest names to perform in Vegas, including the likes of Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Dean Martin, Neil Diamond, and Micheal Jackson. This list merely scrapes the surface of the numbers that this group presents. Despite their large presence in the Vegas area, the Scintas originally got their start in New York, performing at a local bar in Buffalo. As the crowds increased, so did the potential of the group. They eventually hit the road and made their ultimate landing in Vegas where they consistently pack the house.