5 British Poker Players Who Should Have Sponsorships

There was once a time when online gaming casinos would hand out sponsorship deals left and right. However, there does not seem to be much activity in this respect anymore; while it would be impossible to determine how online poker companies determine which poker pros are the right choice for a sponsorship deal, there are five British players who would make great candidates.SamTrickettThe first option is Sam Trickett, who started out as a grinder of low stakes before quickly turning into the second place holder of all time money listings, having won nearly a full $20 million in winnings from live tournaments. Currently, he travels the world to participate in huge cash games, but is still just as willing to buy into low tournaments with the rest of the “regular” players.

Though Trickett is second for all time money listings, Chris Moorman is another British player who has earned more than his fair share of online tournament wins. The lad, originally from Brighton, has earned more than $9.8 million in his online tournaments and is looking to break through the $10 million mark by the end of the year. Currently, he is a regular at tournaments and is regularly in the media.

Roberto Romanello is another great candidate, having earned a title for both the World Poker Tour as well as the European Poker Tour. He has earned more than $2.8 million in winnings from live tournaments and has proven he knows how to work a poker table while still being perfectly willing to play a low budget game at a local casino.

Sam Grafton is believed by many to be the biggest personality that the UK has ever had for poker. While there may not be too many real characters left in the game, all having resorted to being emotionless poker faces, Grafton allows his personality to shine through his humor, intelligence and interesting sense of fashion.

Finally, Stephen Chidwick is a name that has been seen crushing the competition through online tournaments and live tournaments alike, and not just through Texas Hold ‘Em; in fact, he is just as adept with Omaha Hi-Lo and Seven Card Stud as he is with No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em. Chidwick is among the best players in the UK and in the world.

There are, in fact, a number of other British poker players who are perfectly deserving to gain sponsorship deals.

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Get Ready for the Champions League Sports Betting

With the Champions League draw taking place on Thursday, it is time to start looking at the teams and players that will make the biggest impact on your year of gambling. Watching football is something that most of us enjoy, but gambling on football adds a whole new dimension to the beautiful game.


Champions League – Favorites and Ones to Watch

With the Champions League draws in, it is time to take a look at the favorites for this season’s competition. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Borussia Dortmund are the four teams that everyone fancies to have a great season. While Dortmund have a far tougher group than the other three, they are odds on to make the semi finals.

Besides those teams, the likes of PSG, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Juventus, Milan, and Atletico Madrid are outside contenders to emerge with the ultimate prize in European football.

If you are looking for a sure thing, you will want to bet on one of Barcelona, Bayern Munich, or Real Madrid reach the semi finals. Barring some poor performances, or a difficult draw in the last 16, these three should line up in the semis. The fourth place is slightly harder to predict. Dortmund were sensational last season, but another tough group means they will not have it their own way.

The two outside picks to go with are Paris Saint Germain and Juventus. The Italian champions have added to their squad where they needed it most: up front. Carlos Tevez and Fernando Llorente make them a very tricky team, and they could beat anyone on their day. Juve are 8th favorites, which means odds on them winning will be favorable to sports betters. Odds on Juve are as high as 18/1.

Similarly, PSG are a force to be reckoned with. They will miss coach Carlo Ancelotti, but Laurent Blanc is a capable tactician. Edinson Cavani and Zlatan Ibrahimovic should be enough to get PSG into the knockout rounds, where their overall quality will cause everyone problems. They are sixth favorites for the Champions League, making them another wise betting possibility. At 20/1, they are one outsider that is more than worth a bet.

Top Scorers – Who to Bet On?

cristiano-ronaldo-and-lionel-messiWith Radamel Falcao off to Monaco, and the dynamic duo (Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi) enduring difficult starts to the season, the possibilities for top scorer are wide open.

A great bet would be Robert Lewandowski, who scored four in one game against Real Madrid last season. Odds on him are as high as 25/1. Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie are two other possibilities, and they are priced at 33/1 and 16/1 respectively. Fernando Llorente and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang are two outsiders for this bet, but at 50/1 there will be some who might want to take a punt on either of them.

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Blackjack House Edge

Most casino games provide a long-term advantage to the house that is predictable. That house edge exists because the casino doesn’t pay out on the true odds. To conceptualize this point, consider roulette: On a single-zero wheel, a basic bet has 1:37 odds, but the house pays out 1:36.

House Edge in Blackjack

online-blackjack-tableIn random games that have a tactical component, such as blackjack, the goal is to minimize the house edge. It’s important to recognize that the house edge is based on optimal play. If a person plays blackjack intuitively, then the edge is irrelevant because their play is forfeiting much more to the house.

As a rule of thumb, a good blackjack game should have a house edge below 0.5 percent. The house edge of actual blackjack games will vary greatly due to the many different factors involved in determining it.

Edge and Expectation

It’s important to recognize that one cannot expect the edge even with ideal play. In discussions about the house advantage in blackjack, standard deviation is always part of the topic, and the reason for that is that SD is how you quantify the luck factor. A string of bad luck will increase the house edge just as a string of good luck will decrease it.

Deck Count

Casinos don’t generally use a single playing card deck for a game of blackjack, and the deck count has a significant effect on the house edge. Most casinos worldwide use six decks, but you’ll encounter games that use as many as eight and as little as two.

Blackjack Payout

The standard payout for blackjack is 3:2. Nevertheless, some tables will have a 6:5 or 1:1 payout to offset some other benefit, such as a low table minimum or use of a single deck. The 1:1 payout increases the edge by 2.3 percent, which nullifies any advantage gained from playing with that single deck.

Dealer Hits/Stands on Soft 17

blackjack-tableBlackjack tables usually display whether the dealer must hit or stand on a soft 17. H17 benefits the house, and S17 benefits the player. The edge is about 0.2 percent.

Late/Early Surrender

Surrender is a common game variant that affects edge. All forms of surrender benefit the player to some degree, but early surrender is particularly favorable because it allows the player to surrender prior to the dealer checking for blackjack.

Dealer Wins Ties

In standard blackjack, ties are a push. Dealer wins ties is an example of a variation that may not seem like much but actually has a catastrophic effect on the house edge from the perspective of the player.

Casino UK Launches Exciting New Live Slots Tournaments

Recreational gamers can now participate in slots tournaments available through Casino UK. Casino UK has just introduced slots tournaments. The slots tournaments will give gamers the opportunity to compete with other gamers to take home top honors.


Why Tournaments?

People gravitate toward tournaments because of the structure. The fees for entry in these slot tournaments are predetermined. Potential winnings are determined by the number of entrants. Before the player actually participates in the tournament, he or she will know what her potential losses are. Players are allotted credits and a given timeframe to gamble or are scheduled in the tournament setup. Individuals of all skill levels enjoy the benefits of a level playing field. Recreational gamers participate in these tournaments because they don’t necessarily have to be proficient in order to take home big earnings in the slots tournaments. They can also plan ahead of time and know exactly what they will spend before beginning the tournament.

The Casino UK Experience

Casino UK offers around the clock support to all of its participants. It provides people with access to customer service and even offers live chat support for its players. This level of accessibility is uncommon in the gambling-Casino UK customers appreciate the unparalleled support available to them.

Casino UK Caters To Customers

In addition to support, customers receive generous welcome bonuses. Casino UK also caters to gamblers with all types of preferences, offering over 600 different gaming opportunities available for players of all levels. Customer loyalty programs reward frequent players with additional perks and promotional opportunities to take advantage of additional offerings.

Casino UK is known for providing an exceptional gaming experience in a secure environment for gamers on all levels. The new UK Casino slot tournament format promises to offer an exciting gambling environment for players of all skill levels.


Lots Of Interest In Gambling In New Jersey

Atlantic City has always been a big attraction for those who want to gamble in New Jersey. There are now possibly going to be more options open for those in the state as online gambling has been opened up in that state. The excitement for people who want to play the online games they have always loved is quite high.

Applications Are Flooding In
Atlantic CityThose who are in charge of the gaming board in New Jersey say that they have already received some 37 applications from various companies that want to do business in the online gambling market in New Jersey as soon as possible. The state already has 12 brick and mortar casinos, all of which have sent in applications to the state saying that they intend to partner up with an online gambling provider or perhaps create their own gambling platform.

Unique Position
New Jersey is one of only three states in the country (Nevada and Deleware being the others) that allow for legalized online gambling at the moment. This puts them in the unique position of having a lot of excitement building in the state for this kind of action. It also means that they have the potential to rack in quite a bit of money in the forms of taxation.

atlantic-cityThe state is still working on the full implementation of the law and working with the brick and mortar casinos on their partnerships with the online ones to see how they can better make it possible to make sure that everyone receives fair and equal treatment.

The Windfall
New Jersey was already in a place where they are able to receive nice amounts of gambling revenue by virtue of the fact that they have Atlantic City. However, some in the financial world are now looking at the state and estimating that they may be able to add another $50 million to the gambling market just by virtue of the fact that they now have online gambling coming to their borders.

Other states which are budget strapped (virtually every state in the union) may soon consider opening up gambling more so in their state as well. Naturally, a lot of this will depend upon the political climate in the state among other factors. New Jersey is a rather progressive state, and that is part of what helped them push through legalization of online gambling.


Hackers try blackmailing British online gaming sites

BlackMail Government agencies all over the world are concerned about cyber-hacking and so are British online casinos and gambling sites. The same techniques being used to access government agencies and banks online are being applied to online casinos. Take, for example, the case of, a site that was making more the GBP 560,000.

The million dollar home page site — so named because it made more than US $1 million dollars — refused to give in to blackmailers and it cost them a lot of money. People believed to be Russian sent a blackmail demand to Alex Kew, the 21-year-old proprietor of the Manchester-based online gambling site. They demanded about GBP 40,000. Kew wouldn’t do it. The hackers crashed the online gambling site so when people tried to access it they found instead the message: “Hello u website is under us attack to stop the DDoS send us 50000$.”

DDoS is shorthand for distributed denial of service, an attack tactic used by hackers to make it impossible for users to access the site. Hackers do this by cascading traffic into the site fem their servers, many times through bogus zombie computers under the control of the hacking parties.

Unfortunately, Kew’s experience is far from the only one undergone these days by British online casinos. In August 2013, another Manchester site, Club World Casino online gaming was hit by a hack and blackmail scheme. Two Polish men eventually were arrested and taken before Uxbridge Magistrates Court. They were charged with violating the 1990 Computer Misuse Act. That law involves unauthorized use of computers.

Three Russians were sentenced to eight years each in prison for extorting looney through hacking threats from British online casinos. These men conducted more than 50 assaults on servers during a six month period. They staged a spectacular assault on the British-Australian betting site Canbet. They hit the site during the Breeders Cup. They demanded $10,000 a day, then staged a DDoS assault. Canbet said the attack cost it $200,000 a day in lost revenue.
Canbet actually paid the demand into a Latvian bank after that but reported the situation to authorities after the attacks continued. Canbet reported the situation to the National High-Tech Crime Unit, NHTCU, an arm of the Serious Organised Crime agency, SOCA. Russian police and Interpol were responsible for the


Online gaming software companies

Many players don’t realise that very few online casinos develop their own software.

The vast majority of casinos use the technology supplied by popular and established software companies to run their sites.

They also rely on these companies for a regular supply of new games.

      • microgaming logoMicrogaming was established in 1994 but flourished when they introduced their Viper software 11 years ago. They are leaders in the industry and supply software to hundreds of casinos. They also run the biggest poker and progressive jackpot networks in the world.


            • Playtech was founded in 1999 and it’s the world’s biggest publicly traded online gaming software supplier. They develop casino software and specialise in gaming systems.


                • Cryptologic was created in 1995 as a software development firm with a focus on encryption technologies. They subsequently made the move to online gaming where they’ve won several awards for their software.
                • realtime-gamingRealtime Gaming was established in 1998 and has built a reputation as atop online casino software company and Online Gambling Magazine regularly lists them in their top five. They offer a large selection of games and some of the world’s best casinos use their software.


Do online casinos cheat?

online-rouletteMany people insist that online casinos are rigged and while that’s certainly true of disreputable companies, it’s up to the player to choose a casino with a solid reputation. A quick online search will show you which casinos to steer clear of and it will give you important information like reviews which will help you to pick the right casino.

Big, trustworthy casino companies won’t cheat their players because their integrity is vital in this highly competitive online gaming market. Information is so freely available today that negative feedback will quickly turn away a casino’s potential customer and so they strive to maintain a reliable reputation.

Casinos are scrutinised by authorising bodies that ensure their practises are authentic and fair. They also have Random Number Generators that provide the results for all of their games. This information is analysed by independent auditing firms which prove that the outcomes are genuine and truly haphazard.

Furthermore, most casinos don’t resort to fraud because there’s some truth in the old adage that the house always wins. Online casinos make sufficient legitimate profit and so they don’t have to rely on illegal activities to make money.

Gambling stats in the UK

Guest post by Harry von Schlussel

uk-online-gamblingFor thousands of years humans have been betting on the outcomes of various games. Today the internet has made betting easy and accessible and for these reasons online gaming is one of the fastest growing categories in the gaming industry.

Britain has a large and established legal online gambling market and this means that it’s highly competitive, which is good news for customers. Gaming companies need to provide quality services and a safe and dependable environment to keep their clients happy and loyal.

These are some of the 2012 statistics for the UK’s online gaming industry:

  • The UK online gaming industry is worth about £2 billion
  • Online gambling constitutes 12% of the overall UK gambling market
  • Bingo grew by 105% and is worth 17% of Britain’s betting market
  • Poker increased by 8% and makes up 15% of the market
  • With 23% online casinos are the second biggest sector of the market and their value has increased 79% since 2008
  • 29% of users gamble with mobile devices
  • 14.3 million people have online gambling accounts
  • 73% of British adults have gambled within the previous year
  • More than 50% gamble on a monthly basis



The person at a gambling table who operates the game, controls the bets and collects and distributes the payouts is known as a croupier or dealer. are employed by the casino but rely on tips to subsidise their pay. Croupier comes from the French word “croupe” which meant “rump of a horse” and it signified the person who rode behind another on a horse. It came to mean a person who assists someone in performing a task. In casinos a croupier used to stand behind a gambler and manage their cash reserves.

Croupiers in the USA, Australia and Britain are not allowed to deal at casinos without a gambling license. This includes thorough background checks and investigations into their credit rankings. It can also include maths tests to check on their numerical aptitude. Croupier training varies according to countries but they will generally get their practice on simple table games before moving to casinocomplex games like craps. This is to gain experience without costing the casino money in errors. Part of the croupier’s responsibility is to watch players to ensure that the house rules are being adhered to and they need to regularly deal with problem customers.