Sweden Democrats Leader Addicted To Gambling

online-gambling_laptopOnline gambling is growing in popularity and convenience, and getting access to games played on tables and mobiles has never been simpler. The spectrum of players who revel in the many thrilling escapades of online gambling has widened considerably. Overall the anonymity such websites and portals brings along is an added lure and advantage to high profile gamblers.

Democratic campaign?

Sweden democrat leaderHowever at times a few do slip through the cracks as covert interests in online gambling of Swedish Democrat party leader Jimmie Aakesson recently discovered. The sharp, suave and stylish young party leader has held a pristine public image so far.

With pro-Sweden policies on the front, and a look to curb immigration laws, Aakesson has been part of the Swedish the political strata for over a decade. Currently proclaiming a zero tolerance policy on racism, he has worked on cleaning parliament of members who lean toward any unwanted racial comments or actions.

Having made several public appearances supporting minority communities in Sweden, he has also participated in public advertisement campaign that shuts of anti-racism slogans daring the public to defy racism.

Swedish debonair gambler

Marking a chink in Aakesson’s sturdy armour though is recent announcement by Swedish public radio station that declared the politicians involvement with online gambling. Seen as a possible addiction, the Swedish Democrat was declared to have gambled more than 500,000 kronor ($70,000) this year alone on online gaming websites, an amount far larger than total annual earnings of the politician.

Actions of the Democrat head were disclosed as a habit ‘out of control’ in the opinion of local expert gambling counsellor. This shared opinion from a point of public interest on the radio station, came as a second battery wave over the politician. A recent publicly leaked clip, of the democrat shooting a film for the party while making racial slurs and inappropriate comments on passers-by has brought the anti-racist politician under public scrutiny.

When questioned about his gambling habit, the Democrat claimed that the best made were done with earnings from previous winnings and that he only dabbled in online gambling for fun.

40, 000 Euros? Crazy Vegas Casino is Not So Crazy!

crazy-vegas-casinoThe Crazy Vegas Casino launched their Terminator II slot game on June 6th, and the winnings have already been quite impressive. Within the first two weeks of the launch one player received a payout of EURO 40,000. This type of result makes the Terminator II game one worth investigating for the savvy online casino gamer. The website is easy to negotiate and accepts currency in the form of pounds, dollars and euros. Crazy Vegas has over 350 slot games available. The Terminator II game is particularly appealing due to its 5 reels and 243 ways to win! There is a free spin bonus that is relatively easy to acquire. This bonus boasts and impressive 1024 ways to win.

terminator 2 online gameGame developer Microgaming also embedded actual footage from the movie in the game to create an experience like no other. Crazy Vegas Casino patrons have the option of downloading over 600 games or instant play on over 300 games. They have a four tiered loyalty program that not only rewards players, but increases the amount of the rewards as players advance higher within the program.

crazy-vegas-bannerRewards known as “C-Bucks” can be used to play more games, or redeemed for cash depending on your level in the program. Players even receive C-Bucks on their birthday. Crazy Vegas offers a large variety of progressive jackpots, (18 at the time of this writing) for players that want a chance at a larger payout. The Casino offers a variety of bonus programs to both new and existing players.

Currently new players can try the site for 60 minutes using 3000 in currency from the casino! Players keep their winnings from this trial period and should they choose to set up an account they will receive bonus amounts added to their account on each of their first three deposits. Existing players receive 15 credits when they tell friends and colleagues about the casino on social media. With all that Crazy Vegas Casino has to offer it is clear that online gamblers would be crazy not to check out this fun and exciting entertainment option.

EU Passes Gambling Laws Targetting Money Launderers

With many cases of money laundering reported in the gambling world of Europe, there was pressure on the European Union to act. After much deliberation, they have come up with a series of laws that gets tough on gambling companies in the area. The European Parliament passed a law that requires gambling company owners to register with public registries. This ensures that they are not anonymous, can be easily monitored, and keeps their finances in the government’s eye.

gambling lawIt is possible for state governments to choose which corporations belong under this law. Gambling institutions that are seen as low risk for money laundering schemes can be exempt, but everyone else will have to register. There will be an easily accessible online system for registering, and for anyone wishing to take a look at the information. In order to manage both privacy and the need for public information, companies only have to publish minimum details about their business practices.

Along with this registration, customer due diligence must be performed on anyone who is receiving more than 2,000 euros in winnings.

Importance of Transparency –

Tax evasion, money laundering, and issues with both winning recipients and the gambling institutions have been rife the past five to ten years. This law was always going to come to fruition, and it is a major victory for governments of all European states.

Legislation Pleases Lottery Companies –

friedrich-sticklerFriedrich Stickler, who is the president of the European Lotteries, stated that he was pleased with this move from governments. With the gambling industry handling so many transactions every day, the possibility for money laundering is rife. With this transparency, it makes laundering a lot more difficult, but not yet impossible.

While this is not a permanent victory over money laundering related to gambling, it is a step in the right direction for the EU. More details about the laws can be found here.

Ritz Casino Sued for 2 Million by Oman Politician’s Wife

Nora Al-Daher, the wife of a prominent Omani politician, is suing The Ritz casino after reportedly losing 2 million pound on their cards table. Mrs. Al-Daher lives in Muscat for most of the year blew this money at The Ritz on her recent vacation in April 2012. Despite admitting to spending and losing the money, Nora is claiming that the casino’s staff took advantage of her very public gambling addiction. This is the basis for her trying to recoup most of the money through a lawsuit.


In her testimony for the initial case filing, Nora Al-Daher has mentioned that during this incident there were many casino employees standing behind her for most of her visit there. She claims that those employees were egging her on and encouraging her to spend more money. This is despite all of those employees knowing exactly who she was, what her past had been like, and the fact that she suffered from an addiction to gambling. She continued to gamble for hours and hours despite losing at most of her hands, and this even prompted the casino to extend their cheque cashing facilities so that she could spend more money.

Nora Al-Daher had this to say: “I needed someone to tell me to stop that night. I needed someone to bring me to my senses. If I had been told to stop and think about what I was doing, it is very possible that I would not have gambled away most of that money. No one ever told me to stop that day.”


When she first entered The Ritz, she said that she did not want to play and was merely there to watch and have a few drinks. However, conversations with staff ultimately led to her start betting within a half hour, after which things got out of control. Her lawyer said that as soon as she came to the casino, she made it clear that she was a gambling addict and that she did not want to play punto banco. However, staff at the casino had no remorse in ensuring that she spent as much money as possible. In fact, they even encouraged her to take out more money when she had lost between a million to 1.5 million pounds.

It is difficult to see how this judgment will go. On the one hand, she is a grown woman who should be responsible for her actions. She was not severely inebriated. On the flip side, casinos are always told to take care of gambling addicts and to discourage them from further gambling.

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All of the Exciting Changes Being Made on Casino UK

Casino UKCasino UK has been an incredibly popular online casino for years and has recently undergone some major changes. The casino itself has created a television advertisement to interest new and old customers back onto their site to play some games. You might have noticed this advertisement already and are wondering what Casino UK is all about and what types of things they offer to their players. This particular casino is located exclusively on the Internet, making it easy for just about anyone to start playing their favorite games at the click of a button.

Casino UK has also recently added over 600 new games to their site to entice people to stay longer simply because there are more options available to them. The site has also had a completely new makeover done on itself with a sleek and easy-to-navigate design that is sure to interest anyone who is visiting. New and easier cash-out options are also available, making it incredibly simple for you to deposit money into your casino account and withdraw anything you have recently won. It is easy to play for real money when you create an account on the Casino UK website and begin playing some of the hundreds of games available to you.

online casino-ukThe entire site has recently undergone a major overhaul and all of these benefits the thousands of players who rely on the casino each day. The most important thing about the new changes is that the site is easier to navigate and there are plenty of new games for you to pick and choose from while searching around. Be sure to visit the brand new Casino UK to create an account for yourself and begin playing some of the best games available on the web in just a matter of a few minutes.

Beginners Intro To Craps

If you were to walk into a casino and noticed a crowd of people gathered around a large, oblong table, people who would squirm and even threaten violence at the mere mention of numbers, then there’s a good chance that you’re at the craps table.

Craps players tend to be especially suspicious, and believe that speaking out a certain number before the dice is rolled can definitively, and somewhat supernaturally, influence the outcome of the round. At its core, craps is about betting on odds, just like every other casino game. The game has a number of betting options, each with its own attendant rules. Let’s look at five of the most common bets and what they mean.

These are by no means the only bets. But they are some of the more important and common ones. In many ways, they also form the basis for a more comprehensive understanding of some of the finer niceties of the game. Most of the variations of play in craps come as a result of understanding these essential moves.

craps tableLet’s talk about the Pass line, point, and Field, Come and Don’t Pass line, in that order.

1. Pass line

The Pass line is probably the most important bet on the craps table. If you’re the shooter (meaning you’re the one throwing the dice), then you have to bet on the Pass line. If you win the Pass line bet, then you double your money. If you lose, then you’ve lost your wager. It’s that simple. It is important to remember that it’s not only the shooter who is able to bet on the Pass line. Any of the other players can join the shooter in this play. Where the shooter wins, they also win. But where the shooter loses they, predictably, lose too. If you want to get beady stares and be threatened with promises of death, then you should call out for a 7 or 11 into the ether within earshot of the other players. As mentioned already, craps players take it very seriously when you start calling out numbers – far more so than in most other casino games. It’s hard to say why, but part of the reason might be craps’ multi-cultural and long history, from the storming of castles during the medieval period to the Deep South of America.

Win: 7 or 11.
Lose: 2, 3, or 12.

2. From Pass line to point

The opening bet we just described above is called the come-out roll. If the shooter rolls anything besides a 7, 11 (a winning Pass line) or a 2, 3, 12 (a losing Pass line) then the game moves into what is called the point round. The point roll comprises those six numbers along the top of craps table. The goal now is for the shooter to reroll his come-out number again before the next seven. So, if the come-out was an 8 then the shooter will want to roll another 8 before he rolls a 7. This rule already carries with an implicit house edge, because out of all the dice and number combinations, a seven the most likely number to be rolled with two dice. This means there’s a stronger probability of the shooter rolling a seven on the point roll than there is of him repeating the point.

Win: repeat initial roll before rolling a 7.
Lose: roll a 7 before repeating initial roll.

3. Field

The Field pays even money except for the 2 and the 12, which generally pays at 2:1 and 3:1 respectively. Field bets comprise the numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. The field has roughly a 5.5% house advantage built in. Part of the way the advantage is calculated is the fact that field bets are one-roll bets, so if you play the field and you lose then your chips are immediately removed from the table and given to the house. Some of the more purist craps players tend to steer clear of the field. We’re not that sticky when it comes to craps, but part of the reason they’re wary of this type of bet is likely because the Field pays most of its bets at even money, which isn’t a substantial profit for the player.

Win: 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12.
Lose: everything else.


4. Come

The Come section of the craps table works in the same way as the Pass line bet with one crucial difference: they’re placed after the come out roll so. A come bet essentially allows you to place the equivalent of a Pass line bet at any stage of the game. Ordinarily, Pass-line-type bets van only be made during the come-out round. Not so with the Come. So essentially, the same rules apply here: a 7 and 11 will mean a win, while a 2, 3 or 12 will mean a loss. The reason for having a Come section? Simple: the casino wants you to be able to wager bets on every roll.

Win: 7 or 11.
Lose: 2, 3, or 12.

5. Don’t Pass line

A shooter has to either make a Pass line bet or a Don’t Pass bet. Any other player who is not the shooter can also make a Pass line bet. In this case, they are said to be for the shooter. But players can also make a bet against the shooter, meaning that all that player’s winning bets will derive from the shooter’s failure. So a come-out of 7 and 11 will mean a loss and a come-out of 2 and 3 will mean a win. The only real deviation from a purely opposition/mirrored play is the 12. A come-out of 12 means a draw on the Don’t Pass line. This is one of the many ways that the house ensures that it maintains an advantage over the player.

UK Virgin Seeks to Expand

Hot-UK-CasinoAtlantic City, a boardwalk empire in its own right, has certainly gone through its fair share of changes in the last few years. Once upon a time, they were the preserve of Nucky Thompsons until the big casino chains moved in to create east coast version of Las Vegas, and now more players seek to expand from overseas on the Jersey shores.

The Garden State is one place where online gambling is legal, and as such, many of the biggest online gambling firms in the world are looking to get cozy with the operations already in Atlantic City, among which include the Virgin Group and entrepreneur Richard Branson.

richard-bransonHaving just opened at the close of January, the new website brought the Branson team some experience with online games developer Gamesys and the Tropicana Resort in order to offer online poker, slots and roulette to the residents of New Jersey. Currently, Virgin Poker and Virgin Casino both can be accessed by players all over the world, though the websites are not yet very well known outside of the United Kingdom.

Since the governor allowed New Jersey to engage in online gambling, online operators have starting buddying up with land casinos, all a part of running gambling websites within the borders of New Jersey.

Despite the initial troubles that the government faced, which will certainly take some time to fully iron out, there is only good news from the predictions some analysts made for New Jersey. In addition, H2 Gambling Capital, a marketing research firm based in the UK that puts special focus on the gaming industry, predicted that New Jersey’s online casinos should see about $300 million just in the first year, or roughly $45 million in tax revenue; Borgata of New Jersey agrees with this assessment.

The ultimate success on this player base also depends on deals that could have New Jersey players competing against other states like Nevada.

The major key to increasing player traffic for an online casino is through its affiliates, or website that take a cut of revenue in order to drive players to poker and casino websites. Most importantly, however, they look to drive players to the casinos with the intend of spending real money to stay and gamble.

According to an analyst, new casino websites will rely on this marketing to increase brand awareness regardless of location. Some bigger affiliates are now working on players in New Jersey, which means better traffic for online casinos all around.

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Toby Lewis Now #4 in UK

uk-casinos-does-size-matterAnother week has gone by since the last time the rankings were updated, which means it is now time once again to check on the updated United Kingdom and Ireland rankings to see how players have shifted since then. Without further ado, it is time to get down and see what players have made changes since last week in the top 10 of the leaderboards of

Chris Moorman continues to reign in the seat for number one, who has now extended the lead over the pack that chases him thanks to finishing fifth place at the 888poker Whale tournament with $200,000 guaranteed last Sunday. Moorman was able to add 170.0 points to his already wealthy total along with $14,040 to his lifetime earnings.

Charlie Combes finished fourth in the Super Sized Sunday event at Full Tilt Poker last weekend, which earned him a safe spot in the second place ranking. Not only did he earn $12,641 in prize cash, but Combes was also able to add 144.61 points to his leaderboard position, adding yet more distance between himself and Christopher “NigDawG” Brammer, the man in third place.

toby-lewisToby “810ofclubs” Lewis is one of the two biggest climbers on this list, the other one being the in-form Ben “jenbizzle” Jones. The former secured a spot in fourth place on the UK standings after spending last week in eighth place thanks to winning the Big Ben tournament last weekend with Full Tilt Poker and also demolishing his opponents on both and Winamax. He finished in third place at the High Roller for $48,810 at the Winamax Series as well.

Jones, of course, does not need to be introduced since he has been in the spotlight since the turn of the year and has quickly grown in popularity due to his activities. The latest victory Jones made came with PokerStars after earning more than $54,000 in just two hours by taking down the Supersonic.

Other players on the top 10 list include Jareth East, Rhys Jones, Sebastian Saffari, Scott Margereson, as well as Jon “EMSBas” Spinks to round off the list.

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Colorful Surroundings

Casinos around the globe do more than provide gaming entertainment and the possibility to make dreams come true forbellagio people entering their doors, they also support community efforts and expand the economic and cultural opportunities for the areas surrounding them. In the name of such efforts, the Philadelphia partners of Harrahs and the Art on Avenue of the States are joining forces in order to bring art to the attention of people from both far and wide. Anyone walking into Harrah’s Philadelphia will have the chance to view art by local artists. This display will be on constant rotation, allowing local artists a unique opportunity to have their work on display for the world. The focus of the exhibits will be on bold work whose expressive use of color will be in harmony with the surrounding excitement of the established environment. The stunning work that has been debuted by Art on Avenue of the States thus far has been enthusiastically received, and there are no plans of ceasing the parade of artists in the near future.

The Work On Display

art-on-avenue-of-the-statesFor each exhibit, the gallery is featuring seventeen pieces by eleven different local artists. On top of these pieces and those finding their way into the lobby, Art on Avenue of the States is hosting special events that focus on the art in which people from the community can come and view the work in addition to having access to the artists that created the work. Many of these events also feature special talks by the artists as well. Prices and sizes of the work on display vary, typically starting at just around $500.

A Colorful Future

This new gallery is also focused on education and community outreach. There are workshops and performances that will be taking place throughout the future, sparking the interest of guests and creating numerous opportunities for the surrounding communities. This unique partnership is a huge opportunity for Art on Avenue of the States, a well established arts organizations founded by artists and run exclusively by artists in the region. The positive results for both organizations promise a relationship that will certainly be long-term.

Legends Live On

Blackjack_boardVegas is known for presenting the world with live entertainment that is truly unique in the world. People flock from all over the globe to see exactly what this beloved city has to offer. The Joint, a red hot music club inside the walls of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, is bringing yet another innovative act to the stage for people to enjoy. The Scintas are a group who first made their name in Vegas, combining musical numbers with side-splitting comedy in unique and intriguing ways. They play original music in addition to paying tribute to some of the musical legends who also first made the their name along the Strip.

Home Among the Greats

Listeners will enjoy engaging melodies that weave in and out of comedy skits for a mere $25 per person. The Scintas have perfected their art form, performing in Vegas and many other locations for many decades. Their shows in the Vegas area are always sure to sell out, making it necessary to get your tickets for the entertainment in advance. The Scintas are a tight knit group, being composed of nearly all family members. The line up includes three brothers and one sister: Peter “The Irish Scinta” O’Donnell, Joe, Frank, and Valentine. They typically have another sister engaging audiences on stage as well, however, Chrissi is currently on leave.


From Dive to Divas

The act includes a wide variety of elements that include humorous insults among siblings, instruments of all kinds, and impressions. The tributes that the ensemble has put together honor some of the greatest names to perform in Vegas, including the likes of Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Dean Martin, Neil Diamond, and Micheal Jackson. This list merely scrapes the surface of the numbers that this group presents. Despite their large presence in the Vegas area, the Scintas originally got their start in New York, performing at a local bar in Buffalo. As the crowds increased, so did the potential of the group. They eventually hit the road and made their ultimate landing in Vegas where they consistently pack the house.